Keren Mara Naldi

From a very young age I knew fashion would not only be a passion, but also my profession. I the past years I had the chance to discover and promote elegant and sophisticated fabrics, brands and designs. I had the chance to become the made to measure specialist in the first Suitsupply store in Switzerland. From suitsupply I've been called by Bongenie Grieder to curate the made to measure and bespoke atelier of Isaia, Zegna and other big brands. From there, in synergy with my brother, the desire arose to create a new unique product and here we are. 

Landscapes, cities, the 40’s and the beauty in many simple things inspires me the most.

Favorite cities
Siena and New York, so different but so unique in their being.

Interior, art, tailoring and fashion.

Keren Naldi - Amarcord.jpg