amarcord is about bringing back that effortless look

Amarcord was born in 2015 with the primary aim of bringing back timeless and effortless elegance.
'Amarcord' means 'I remember' in the dialect of Emilia Romagna and the name brings back our memories of when we used to see our grandfathers being so elegant on a Sunday morning just because they used to have that one single suit that was made by their tailor.

Based in Zug, but active worldwide; Samuel and Keren have been bringing Amarcord worldwide, from Zurich to New York, from Boston to Stockholm.

Our dream is to educate individuals on the key features of a well-tailored suit and help them to grow into their own style so that they can have that effortless elegance that only a well-tailored timeless outfit can give.
That’s why we wanted to start from the basics, from the difficult part; "the production" in order to ensure a long lasting experience.

That’s what Amarcord is all about. It’s about credibility, transparency, and creativity.
With these elements in our daily routines, we try to bring the best possible product to you!

Samuel Naldi - Amarcord


Amarcord - Keren Naldi