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Shirtmaking is an art. A shirt is the first garment that touches your body and it defines how comfortable you will be throughout the day. That's why a lot of serious attention and research is required to manufacture a shirt.


So as to ensure that we create shirts of the very best quality, we have developed a production from scratch with the help of the most skilled artisans from south Italy. This enables us to provide you with shirts that are stylish and splendid.


For us, the basic model is a very essential step as it helps to make sure that your custom-made shirt fits you well, and that you will feel the difference between 'la camicia amarcord' and anything else available on the market.


You'll get the chance to discover a selection of timeless options that can be implemented on your shirt and also the special peculiarity of our shirt.
You will also get an opportunity to choose from a large variety of newly designed collars, manica a camicia, and different types of cuffs.
It will be a fun adventure discovering and explaining all of these options together. 




Measurements are taken using our carefully constructed model. After taking all your body measurements, we start working on our model in order for you to already get a feeling of how our shirt suits you in terms of construction.

fabrics and OPTIONS

The style of the shirt will be selected after all the measurements are taken and we will go through a range of options we have carefully created for you.

This also applies to your designated fabric. After having an idea of how the shirt will look on you and how the design should be, it will be easier to select the wide range of fabrics we have in our selection.

four hand passages

Our shirts are made with four hand passages – starting from the hand sawn 'mouche', to the hand cut buttonholes and hand attached buttons, and lastly to the hand sawn shoulder. This is simply the finest of Italian craftsmanship.

hand made initials

If you wish to have your initials on your bespoke shirt, we will not use a machine as the initials will be hand sawn by one of our skillful artisans. This is a tradition that we are very proud of. 

albini, a legendary mill


to ensure the quality of our garments we work only with the best and most professional companies.
our shirt fabric selection are mostly from albini - one of the oldest mills in italy and without doubt the most innovative.

LOCAL territory

The Albini Group is a benchmark for the places in which it operates. In collaboration with governments, institutions and major regional organisations, it supports projects within the community and with young people: cultural and artistic events, academic events and conferences, collaborations with several universities (SDA Bocconi, University of Bergamo and Biella Master) and technical institutions.

The presence in Italy since 1876 of most of the plants, has allowed the Albini Group to maintain its manufacturing tradition marked by technology and quality.

  • Tradition, Made in Italy excellence and innovation

  • Continuous investments to maintain the productive areas to the state of the art

  • Support of cultural and artistic events, academic events and conferences, projects with universities