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Made to measure products nowadays have become so standard.
Most of the made to measure providers are using the same factory, the same fits, with only a bunch of details that can be added or changed.

The aim of Amarcord was to create a semi-bespoke line that would have the feel and look of a bespoke product.


To create such a product, we had to start from scratch. With our pattern makers and tailors, we have designed new lines and cuts that enable us to offer superior and polished products like never seen before. An industrial process that would still offer wide lapels, sartorial details, and a fit that you can only dream.

It's a long journey and it took Amarcord a lot of development, analysis, and research to create a superior product and an industrial production process that would actually be market ready and deliver what it promises.


The whole production takes place in Sicily, the southwest island of Italy, where our technical manager and tailor Fabrizio overviews the production and controls every single outfit and directs the works for Amarcord.

pinstripe made to measure suit by amarcord



Your body measurements are taken together with those of our suit models and this makes the creation of your outfit to be faster and easier while ensuring that nothing is lost in terms of quality, precision and fit. It is in this step that we will define the length of your jacket and trousers, the length of the sleeve, and where to position the button or how high the waist of your trousers should be.

Style definition

Together we will define the style of your suit, choosing from the many options that we have created to make your outfit unique and irreplaceable.
Options go from a single-breasted to a double-breasted, larger or thinner reveres, classic or patch pockets, and with or without ticket pocket.
This is a process that demands a lot of creativity; therefore, we will involve you in the whole process from the start to the end so that we can be able to custom-make a perfect outfit for you. We will surely make your Amarcord suit experience something special.


Elegance and comfort always go hand in hand. An outfit becomes elegant only if it is also comfortable to wear.  Together with our master tailor, we have developed a fit for our jacket, waistcoat, and trouser which will simply blow you away.
Our customers usually say that it is like wearing a sweat-suit but without losing the graceful and unblemished look of a well-tailored high-quality suit. Well; that is what our company is all about. We want you to feel comfortable and let you use your outfit for as many occasions as possible including business, parties or special events.

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  • The delivery of your suit will take around six weeks. This is the time required to prepare the fabric, create your personal cutting model, and work on the creation of your outfit.

  • Our semi-bespoke product has been created from scratch by Amarcord, working with our own pattern makers, master tailor, and production managers. Therefore, the Amarcord experience will simply be one of a kind for you.

  • Even if this is a more of an industrial process; it is still manufactured by our skilled tailors. Every new model is designed and then cut by hand using a cutting machine. All details are then designed by hand and carefully put together for the assembly of the garment. This ensures that checks and stripes are lined up so as to give to the item a beautiful flow.

  • Our manufacture is based in Sicily, the southern island of Italy. This island is known for its sea, beauty, wine, and hard working people.

  • Just as in our bespoke line, only the finest fabrics are selected and brought to you by Keren and Samuel. You will also find a selection of Vitale Barberis Canonico, Fratella Tallia di Delfino, Huddersfield, Ariston, and Drapers.

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