Keren and Samuel are very passionate about design.
That's why every single designed tie is made under supervision and indication of Keren and Samuel following a line of design that replicates the inspiration we accumulated during our cultural trips around the world.


Our ties are printed in Como on quality 18 Mommes silk. We work with family-owned printer companies with whom we can guarantee an internal quality control.  


The finishing, construction, and manufacturing of the tie is made in northern Italy, in a small manufacturer that delicately treats our printed silk and carefully creates every single tie by hand. 

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hidden treasures

NO etiquette

How disturbing when the effortless movements of the tie show off the etiquette attached on the back. One of our first thoughts has been how to remove that. That is why - for "la cravatta Amarcord we have decided to replace the classic etiquette with an Amarcord embroidery on the tie loop. This is Amarcord's distinctive mark of authenticity.

silk joist details

You'll see on the large shovel a little silk joist in blue and on the small shovel a little silk joist in the Italian "tricolore" which represents the made in Italy.

button and eyelet

For our seven-fold tie, we protect the seven-fold construction by having a mother of pearl button closed with a little eyelet. If you want to discover or show off the construction of your tie, just unbutton it and discover the folds that open up gracefully like a flower.


Our ties are seven-fold or three-fold, depending on the design.
We use a very light construction for the inside of the tie, because we think that a tie shouldn't be a burden during your business day or at a special party but much more an elegant accessory which is comfortable to wear throughout the day.

The edges on the bottom are hand rolled and stitched giving it a premium artisanal look.